Oil & Gas

End-to-end solutions for your business

At DSV, our oil and gas specialization serves you with strategic global locations, around-the-clock support, decades of experience, and true visibility. You benefit from our global infrastructure, resources, and experience in delivering reliable and cost-effective solutions. Our strategic global locations allow DSV a unique position in providing key supply chain solutions to our oil and gas clients. 

We provide specialized handling of:

  • Oversized projects
  • NFO hand carry
  • Strategic / Charter lift
  • Restricted and hazardous material
  • On-site crating
  • On-site warehousing
  • Deepwater access

Key benefits of our end-to-end solutions:

  • Experienced staff with over 40 years in the industry
  • Quick decisions from our flat management organization
  • Handling of all cargo types from production to site
  • Detailed, controlled product handling
  • Multi-modal transport
  • Cost/benefit and feasibility studies
  • Global supervision by senior management
  • Loading, trans-shipment, and discharge point
  • Port and route fact-finding surveys
  • Global vendor expediting system
  • Material management

Strategic Global Network

Our oil & gas hubs, strategically located across the globe, place DSV in a position to provide key supply chain solutions to clients almost anywhere in the world. 

Key Locations 

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

  • Cloud hosted suite of materials management and logistics solutions
  • Specifically designed to meet the rigors of detailed, line item, materials management essential for Oil and Gas
  • Manage and barcode or RFID material at the source
  • Manage material lists such as a PO, BOM, Vendor’s PL, etc.… with full material process flow control
  • Provides hazardous material classification
  • Material cross reference label management
  • OS&D control
  • Remote site applications - mobile for android devices

Strong Compliance Program

The global nature of the oil and gas industry, along with the potential dangers of the work, necessitate a strict adherence to laws and policies of national, international and industry governing bodies. To ensure compliance at all levels and to protect both our customers and us, we employ specially trained team members with extensive knowledge of the ever-changing guidelines of this complex industry. 

We also work within our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) guidelines, including human rights, labor, environmental protections, and anti-corruption to keep our employees and those around us protected.

Health Safety Environment (HSE)

The oil and gas industry involves many high risk factors for humans, animals, and the environment, especially in the exploration, production, and processing of flammable and explosive materials. We take our responsibility to protect our employees’ and the public’s health and safety. Our strong HSE program has guidelines in place to ensure we are always working as safely as possible. 

Operational Global Key Account Management

All operations for your oil and gas logistics are handled by one team. Our key account team works directly with your staff to ensure consistent visibility and communication, and our flat organization translates to quick answers from management and executives.

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