Fully Managed Solutions

Many clients are looking for a partner that can develop and implement a comprehensive transportation management solution that will provide a supply chain platform for growth consistency and cost efficiency through their supply chain.

DSV’s managed solution can help you take control of your network using best in class technology, client-centric teams and industry best practices to drive cost savings to the bottom line. DSV looks at the big picture and can optimize a shipper’s traffic patterns by utilizing our various transportation solutions to better meet service needs, all while staying cost-effective.

Inbound Freight Management

Managing your inbound freight moves can be overwhelming if not done correctly. DSV has the experience to simplify the management of your inbound materials management and coordination process.

DSV’s inbound management solution is a web based approach that offers clients many benefits.

  • Cost: Utilizing the dynamic routing and carrier selection process. Clients benefit from greater cost controls on paid freight. This also allows for greater predictability within their network.
  • Delivery Performance: DSV’s process allows for supplier performance tracking to required delivery date at client facilities. This provides advanced notices to your facilities when potential disruptions to your supply chain may arise and allows for proactive planning to minimize expedite charges or plant down scenarios. These tools help create supplier performance scorecards enabling the ability to drive continuous improvement throughout the supply chain.
  • Process Standardization: Through the utilization of standard process for booking inbound shipments, DSV’s inbound platform drives the creation of standardized Bills of Lading and shipping documents to be utilized throughout the receiving process. Documents are able to be regenerated online if they become lost in transit, and provides for you to receive Advance Shipping Notices (ASN’s) as well as implement a receiving process utilizing bar code scanning. 

Outbound Freight Management

One of the key cornerstones of any company is the control of their outbound freight. An effective outbound freight management process must save both money and time while helping to eliminate potential roadblocks to the supply chain.
Our differentiators establish our strategy in the market place and answer what our value proposition is for our clients seeking an outbound freight management solution.

Our differentiators include:

  1. Client-centric account management approach
  2. Tailored and customized solutions
  3. Quantified value
  4. End to end visibility and control
  5. Complete supply chain services
  6. Enterprise touch
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