100 Level Courses: Foundational Education

These courses provide a solid base of understanding in a wide range of subjects. Perfect review for compliance professionals, and an excellent resource for new staff, other departments, subsidiaries, or foreign vendors. – Recommended study time 1 hour

BRK 101: Broker Fundamentals – 2 CCS. This course presents a detailed look at the unique roles and responsibilities of one of the key players in the import process – the Customs Broker.

BRK 102: Customs Broker Exam Basics – 2.5 CCS. The purpose of this course is to give you the information you need to make informed decisions as you begin your preparation.

CLA 101: Classification I – 2 CCS. Learn basic HTSUS terminology, classification concepts and methods.

CLA 102: FTA and Duty-Savings Programs – 1.5 CCS. This course introduces the free trade agreements and other special programs available to assist importers in duty reduction or elimination.

CLA 103: Antidumping & Countervailing Duties – 1.5 CCS. This course demonstrates the antidumping and countervailing duty process from beginning to end, including the roles of government agencies and practical business applications.

CMP 101: Import Compliance I – 1 CCS. An introduction to the far-reaching topic of compliance. Learn the rules of recordkeeping, training, procedures, and more.

CMP 102: Import Documents – 2 CCS. Learn how, when and why to use the right forms. This course defines and describes dozens of the most important forms and documents used.

CMP 103: Introduction to Customs and Border Protection – 1 CCS. Understand how Customs and Border Protection (CBP) operates, what their authority and jurisdiction covers, and how best to work with them.

CMP 104: Managing Other Government Agencies – 1.5 CCS. Learn basic agency information and responsibilities, import requirements, forms and links to the major government agencies.

CMP 105: Country of Origin Marking – 1 CCS. This course includes lessons on proper labelling, marking requirements, penalties, special marking, exemptions, and more.

CMP 106: Understanding the Entry Summary – 1.5 CCS. The CBP 7501 Entry Summary, explained in easy-to-understand, block-by-block terms. Helpful hints for checking key fields for compliance purposes.

CMP 107: Post Entry Responsibilities – 4 CCS. Explore some of the situations that can create extra work or responsibilities after entry, and discover the means by which you can manage and solve them.

CMP 108: Understanding the Automated Commercial Environment – 4 CCS. Importers of record must complete the entry process by subsequently fi ling entry summary data which declares the tariff classification, value, applicable rate of duty and other information necessary for the CBP to properly access duties, collect statistics and determine whether other applicable legal requirements are met.

PRC 101-108: Basic Import Process Series – Eight parallel courses that introduce the basic process of importing, from beginning to end. Focus on:

Purchasing – 4 CCS Customs Brokers – 4 CCS
Foreign Suppliers – 4 CCS Receiving – 4 CCS
Logistics – 4 CCS, 4 CES Finance – 4 CCS
Importers – 4 CCS Engineering – 4 CCS

PRC 110: Effective Transportation Process – 1.5 CCS, 1.5 CES. Excellent resource for entry level transportation employees of brokers, freight forwarders, importers and others.

VAL 101: Valuation I – 1.5 CCS. Learn basic valuation terminology, classification concepts and methods.

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