200 Level Courses: Application of Skills Education.

Providing for beyond the base knowledge, these courses teach the practical “how-to” of key topics. Deepen student understanding with real-world examples and extensive external resources. Exams that teach as well as test. – Recommended study time 5 hours.

CLA 201: Classification II – 10 CCS. In-depth training on a crucially important topic. Learn how to apply the HTSUS effectively. Classification step-by-step process, finding and using Customs Rulings, reinforced with situational-based quizzing. Advanced section-by section application lessons with dozens of quizzes and other exercises.

CMP 201: C-TPAT - Start to Finish – 2.5 CCS. This course provides a detailed look at requirements for importer participation in C-TPAT, the validation process, and how to get (and stay) compliant. Even if your company has already applied and been accepted as a C-TPAT member, this course will help you understand the process involved in becoming a member, the benefits you can claim, and your responsibility once you obtain membership.

CMP 202: Understand the Customs Regulations – 4 CCS. Overview of topics covered in Title 19 Code of Federal Regulations, also referred to as the Customs Regulations, considered the rule book for all importers, brokers, and others involved in international trade. Excellent reference for importers and brokers who want a comprehensive easy-to understand reference companion for the Customs Regulations.

CMP 203: Import Compliance II – 2 CCS. Compliance with CBP rules and regulations is not an option; it’s required, which begs the question, “How can we know we are exercising compliance?” This course covers the practical matter of the audit processes involved in compliance, by taking a detailed look at the Focused Assessment, Importer Self-Assessment and Internal Audit.

PRC 201: Intermediate Import Process – 1.5 CCS, 1.5 CES. The Import Compliance department of a company is responsible for record keeping, compliance with all CBP rules and regulations, responding to communications from CBP after the entry and much more. Throughout the course you will find links to various web sites and documents providing valuable information that can be used to make your job easier.

VAL 201: Valuation II – 8 CCS, 8 CES. Learn how to effectively apply valuation methods, calculation, and application, reinforced with situational-based quizzing. Advanced section-by-section application lessons with dozens of quizzes and other exercises.

EXP 201: ITAR – 5 CCS, 5 CES. Using the ITAR regulations correctly can help protect your company from these costly fines. Train your staff on how to use the ITAR regulations without the hassle of travel and lodging.

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