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Find out which upcoming events, seminars and exhibitions DSV Customs and Compliance is attending

Date  Event  Type  Location  DSV Attendees 
03/10/2020-  03/11/2020 
2020 CBP Trade Symposium (NCBFAA)  Symposium  Anaheim, CA  Yes 
 03/15/2020-03/18/2020  2020 ICPA Annual Conference  Conference  San Diego, CA  TBD
04/15/2020-  04/16/2020   2020 ICPA ITAR Conference  Conference  Fort Worth, TX  Yes 
04/19/2020-  04/22/2020    2020 NCBFAA Annual Conference  Conference  Las Vegas, NV  Yes 
05/19/2020-  05/20/2020
 2020 NADEC  Export Conference  Alexandria, VA  TBD
06/15/2020-  06/17/2020   
AAEI 2020 Annual Conference  Conference  Fort Lauderdale, FL  TBD 
06/29/2020-  07/01/2020  
BIS Annual Conference Conference  Washington DC  TBD
09/13/2020-  09/15/2020 
 ICPA Fall Conference  Conference  Grapevine, TX  TBD
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