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Find out which upcoming events, seminars and exhibitions DSV Customs and Compliance is attending

Date  Event  Type  Location  DSV Attendees 
09/17/2019-  11/21/2019  Incoterms 2020 Rules  Seminar  Select date & location  TBD 
10/10/2019-  10/13/2019
WESCCON 2019     


Rancho Mirage, CA TBD 
10/28/2019-  10/29/2019  2019 Fall Advanced SIA Conference  Conference  Washington DC  TBD 
11/06/2019-  11/09/2019   Southern Border Conference  Conference  El Paso, TX  TBD 
12/05/2019  Foreign Trade Association Centennial Celebration  Celebration Event  Los Angeles, CA  TBD 
02/12/2020-  02/14/2020    Advanced Topics in Customs Compliance (ATCC) Annual Conference  Houston, TX  TBD 
02/24/2020-  02/26/2020   2020 Winter Back to Basics SIA Conference  Conference  Las Vegas, NV  TBD 
04/19/2020-  04/22/2020    2020 NCBFAA Annual Conference  Conference  Las Vegas, NV  TBD 
06/15/2020-  06/17/2020   
AAEI 2020 Annual Conference  Conference  Fort Lauderdale, FL  TBD 
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