Unused Merchandise Drawback

List of Recommended Items Needed for Substitution Drawback  Application  

  • One set of import and export documents tracing the imported products to the exported product
  • Import PO from to the foreign supplier
  • Import Customs entry 7501
  • Import BOL
  • Import commercial invoice
  • Import packing slip
  • Proof of delivery to the warehouse
  • Proof of payment to the supplier
  • Inventory receiving record (scree shot) showing inventory increased by the imported quantity reference PO# and receiving date
  • Export PO from the foreign client
  • Proof of pickup from by trucker
  • Inventory records (screen shot) showing the export quantity being pulled from the inventory reference export PO and shipping date
  • Export BOL
  • Export commercial invoice
  • Export packing slip
  • Proof of receipt of payment from the foreign client
  • Copy of Canadian Customs entry B3, Mexican pedimemto
  • Name and address of warehouse(s) the applicant uses
  • Applicant’s inventory accounting method (FIFO, LIFO, Low to High)
  • Applicant’s return policies – Can domestically sold and returned products be reexported for claiming duty drawback?
  • Name of the officer in the company whom will be responsible for the duty drawback program

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