Hazardous Cargo

Transportation of Dangerous Goods: What you don't know can hurt you.

Transporting dangerous goods is nothing to fool around with. They are subject to a comprehensive set of rules and demands security. Unintentional incidents in connection with the transportation and handling of dangerous goods may have serious consequences for the environment, animals, and humans.

Therefore, the security and documentation in relation to transportation of dangerous goods has high priority at DSV. In order to prevent any accidents and to observe the existing rules, DSV employs specially trained staff to control the transportation of such items.

Additionally, dangerous goods are in fact some of our clients most widely shipped product. Knowing how to properly choose the correct carrier, equipment, and methods of shipping are critical to the service and integrity of the order.

Our Hazardous Cargo Services:

  • DSV staffs hazardous cargo specialists in every US office 
  • DSV offers our clients full handling and documentation of your hazardous material 
  • DSV consistently trains our staff to maintain the most current regulations
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