Corporate Social Responsibility

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a management concept where companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and interactions with their stakeholders.

Why is CSR so important to DSV?

DSV has always been aware of and acknowledges its social responsibility as one of the world's largest transport and logistics providers. 

We find it only natural to take good care of our employees and the environment in order to ensure that our work is based on an ethical business model. 

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CSR Efforts

Our CSR efforts are based on the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact, dividing our efforts into:

  • Human Rights
  • Labour
  • Environment & Climate
  •  Anti-Corruption

Our social responsibility issues are guided by the ISO 26000 standard 

Environment and Climate

  • Most important CSR issue for the transport sector
  • Global warming and other climate issues are escalating, and the transport sector is part of the problem
  • We provide customer specific GHG emission reports for all transport modes, allowing us to follow developments and explore possibilities for the reduction of carbon footprint
  • Waste not - want not
    • We take the most energy efficient routes: overland transport, new office buildings, terminals & warehouses, choice of trailer equipment

Business Ethics

  • Essential that our employees and suppliers share the same business ethics when operating across different cultures all over the world
  • Our ethics are guided by the DSV Code of Conduct and the DSV Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Compliance is a fundamental part of our value proposition and we naturally comply with both national and international legislation and specific requirements for our industry

Minority Business Enterprise

  • Minority business development is an important aspect of DSV’s culture
    • Typically, minority businesses employ minorities, which allows for economic growth and development of minority communities
    • This could serve as powerful new infrastructure in these communities, which contribute critically to the overall economic growth of the United States
  • Key Logistics Solutions
    • 3rd party logistics provider specializing in warehousing and ground transportation solutions
    • Certified Minority Business Enterprise by National Minority Supplier Development Council 


  • Firm anti-corruption commitment
    • Zero tolerance for corruption, employees prohibited from accepting or offering and bribe
    • Key personnel are regulatory trained and tested in our Code of Conduct
  • Anonymous whistle blower program
    • To ensure transparency and integrity, we have implemented an internal whistle blower program
    • Employees can report violations of DSV policies through a dedicated hotline or website

Employees and Working Environment

  • Prevention rather than cure
    • We focus on minimizing risks and raising awareness about safety
    • Incidents are registered to clarify the cause and assess the need for adjustments to procedures
  • Respecting Human Rights
    • We support, respect and protect internationally recognized human rights 
    • We want our employees and partners to feel safe in the knowledge that we do things right and ensure the protection of human rights at all times
  • We rely on our employees to deliver on the promises we make to customers
  • Ensuring employee satisfaction and a safe working environment is a top priority
  • This is part of both our company strategy and our Code of Conduct 

Community Engagement

Partnering with Red Cross

  • In 2016, we adopted a global approach to charity work with Red Cross as our humanitarian aid partner
  • Red Cross and DSV are both international organizations with a global reach
  • Red Cross has disaster and emergency relief expertise & DSV is an expert in transport and logistics
  • Our partnership allows both parties to focus on their capabilities and ensure a quick disaster response
  • We provide financial support alongside our expertise
  • Videos and stories about our work with Red Cross: DSV Human Aid

Corporate Social Responsibility (PDF) 

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