Coronavirus in China Affects Global Logistics Business

The status update below is a snapshot of the situation in China, January 31, 2020. We therefore recommend that you read back in our status updates to get an overview of developments in China.

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Status on January 31, 2020

Office Re-Opening 

Shanghai Feb 10th
Ningbo Feb 10th 
Xiamen Feb 10th 
Suzhou Feb 10th 
Nanjing Feb 10th
Tianjin Feb 3rd   
Qingdao Feb 10th
Dalian Feb 10th
Beijing Feb 10th
Shenyang Feb 10th
Wuhan Feb 14th
Chongqing Feb 10th
Chengdu Feb 3rd  
Wuxi Feb 10th
Xi'AN Feb 3rd  
Guangzhou Feb 10th
Shenzhen Feb 10th
Zhongshan Feb 10th
Hong Kong Feb 10th 
Macau Feb 10th

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