Coronavirus in China Affects Global Logistics Business

The status update below is a snapshot of the situation in China today, February 4, 2020. We therefore recommend that you read back in our status updates to get an overview of developments in China.

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Status on February 4, 2020

Current Air Market Situation

Over the last few days, carriers have continued to announce a reduction or complete cancelation of flights to and from China. These cancelations primarily affect passenger airplanes and therefore bellow cargo capacities; however, we have received notifications that some dedicated freighter companies are currently reevaluating their flight schedules for the coming weeks. 

If you have further questions, contact your local DSV representative.

Current Ocean Market Situation

As of today, more carriers have announced blank sailings.

We have received instructions from shipping lines that vessels that have called Chinese Ports (excluding Hong Kong and Macau) must report to the US Coast Guard Captain of the Port on the crew’s health. If there are no sick crew members onboard, vessels will be allowed to berth normally.

Singapore implemented a similar procedure that all arriving vessels that have called at ports in China in the past 14 days; OR with crew/passengers who have traveled to mainland China in the past 14 days must submit the Maritime Declaration of Health to the Port Health Office.
Other countries could follow suit.

Please reach out to your local DSV representative with specific questions about your ocean freight.

Office Re-Opening 

Ningbo Feb 10th
Xiamen Feb 10th 
Suzhou Feb 10th 
Nanjing Feb 10th
Tianjin Feb 10th  
Qingdao Feb 10th
Dalian Feb 10th
Beijing Feb 10th
Shenyang Feb 10th
Wuhan Feb 14th
Chongqing Feb 10th
Chengdu Feb 10th
Wuxi Feb 10th
Xi'AN Feb 10th
Guangzhou Feb 10th
Shenzhen Feb 10th
Zhongshan Feb 10th
Hong Kong Feb 10th
Macau Feb 10th