Coronavirus in China Affects Global Logistics Business

The status update below is a snapshot of the situation in China today, February 25, 2020. We therefore recommend that you read back in our status updates to get an overview of developments in China.

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Status on February 25, 2020 

Air and Ocean Freight (Import from China)

While there is still pressure on aircraft capacity, we are not experiencing any changes in air cargo and sea freight out of China.

Air and Ocean Freight (Export from China)

We still expect increasing challenges in sea freight capacity availability in the coming weeks. 

DSV China Status Updates

Status in Italy

In recent days, the Coronavirus has spread to several cities in northern Italy. The outbreak has sent more than 50,000 Italians in several cities south of Milan into isolation. 

Currently, this is not affecting the transportation of goods in or out of the country, but we are watching the situation closely and will continue to provide global updates.
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