Global Market Update – March 27, 2020

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US Sea Freight

Some United States ports have adjusted schedules to allow time to sanitize handling equipment between shifts to keep their employees safe. The ports are still operational. 

Port of Seattle: Port open. Only SSA Terminal (T18) closing certain days due to reduced volumes from blank sailings – March 27 and March 31.

Port of Baltimore: Port open. Only Seagirt Marine Terminal will close March 30 and 31 due to decline of international container volumes.

Port Everglades: Port will close on Thursdays until further notice due to reduced volumes.

US Air Freight

Air capacity continues to be reduced globally due to entry bans and phasing out of passenger aircraft. 

At DSV, we hold a strong position in the market with several partnerships, including passenger and cargo aircraft. Please reach out to your local DSV representative to see how we can keep your cargo moving.

Regional Updates:


The EU closed off 26 countries starting March 17 for at least 30 days. Several European countries are under a state of alert with movement restrictions. Situation is critical in Italy and Spain.

Turkey has cancelled passenger flights to China, South Korea, US, and 10 EU countries.


United States: Passenger travel restrictions from Europe have widened to include UK and Ireland. The US closed its borders to non-essential travel with Mexico starting March 21.

Canada: Borders are closed to non-citizens; exceptions include critical infrastructure sectors, which include transportation systems. Only 4 Canadian airports will accept international flights - Toronto Pearson International Airport, Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, Calgary International Airport and Vancouver International Airport.

Argentina: Borders closed on March 15 for two weeks.

Chile: Borders closed to all foreigners on March 18.

Peru: A State of Emergency was declared, and borders were closed on March 18.

Colombia: New arrivals are forbidden for a period of one month starting March 23.

Brazil: Borders to all neighboring countries have been closed.

Indian Subcontinent

India: State governments ordered a complete shutdown of all districts across the country and international commercial passenger flights are banned until March 31.

Pakistan: Government ordered a lockdown on Sindh.

Bangladesh: Government declared a general holiday from March 26 to April 4. Passengers flights are cancelled until March 31, except from HK, CN, and UK.

Sri Lanka: International passenger flights cancelled until March 31.

Middle East

Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar: Passenger flights are cancelled, though flights are still transiting through Doha.

United Arab Emirates: Emirates Airlines cancelled all passenger flights as of March 25.


Egypt: Flights from all airports suspended until March 31.

Algeria: Air and sea travel with Europe is suspended starting March 19.

South Africa: Nearly half of the country’s land ports of entry are closed, as well as two of its eight ocean ports. Flights from affected countries are halted.

Asia Pacific

Australia and New Zealand: Borders are closed to all visitors starting March 20.

Singapore: Short-term visitors and transits through the country are halted starting March 22.

Malaysia: Borders are closed to visitors through March 31.

Vietnam: Inbound international flights are halted starting March 21.

Hong Kong: Self-isolation is required for all visitors for 14 days starting March 19.

Taiwan: Entry for most foreigners is banned and two weeks of self-isolation is required for all arrivals.

Philippines: A month-long lockdown on Luzon, the largest Philippine island home to nearly 60 million people, is in place, while domestic and international flights have been cancelled until April 14.

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