DSV Delivers 110-Foot-Tall Tree & Some Christmas Cheer to Denver

The City of Denver, Colorado, recently recruited DSV to play Santa Claus and help the city spread the Christmas spirit with a spectacular digital Christmas tree standing at 110 feet tall.

DSV delivers 110-foot-tall tree and some Christmas cheer to Denver

The tree entertains visitors with a “dazzling lights and music show” every 30 minutes, which can be experienced from both inside and outside the tree. The base has a 39-foot diameter, large enough to fit 140 guests at one time, providing an “immersive viewing experience within the tree itself.” 

DSV Denver was contacted in early fall about transporting the tree from Spain to Denver. The entire display was shipped in four ocean containers to the Port of Houston, and then trucked to Denver. Winter storms, both at sea and during final delivery, mixed with tight deadlines, coordination with crane operators, installers arriving from Spain, and delivery at 4:00 am to avoid traffic, meant the process was complex and needed several watchful eyes on all the moving parts. 

The shipment arrived in plenty of time to be constructed before the lighting ceremony, and the customer had only positive thoughts on DSV and the shipment process:

I cannot begin to express my sincere thanks to each of you for all that you did to make this happen! Everyone was so kind and willing to help out with any detail no matter how big or small.

As freight forwarders, we love when the result of our work spreads a little seasonal cheer to people celebrating the most wonderful time of the year. 

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