CTPAT 2020: Are you Ready?

CTPAT 2020: Are you Ready?

What is CTPAT?

Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT), is a voluntary program designed to strengthen the international supply chain through jointly-developed security criteria, best practices, and implementation procedures. 

In turn, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) provides benefits and incentives to the private sector whose security programs meet or exceed the minimum security criteria. This allows CBP to focus their inspection efforts and resources on high risk shipments while helping to facilitate legitimate trade.

CTPAT at Work

  • CTPAT conducts validations across the globe to ensure that CTPAT members adhere to the highest-level of supply chain security. In 2018, most members remained in good standing, thereby enhancing global supply chain security. 
  • CTPAT met with the Commercial Customs Operations Advisory Committee (COAC) to streamline duplicative processes and provide members with a more unified government experience. In 2018, this partnership increased member incentives by identifying 30+ new benefits for CTPAT members.
  • CBP continues to improve cost savings in travel by accepting AEO Certificates from CTPAT members who are due for validations in Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRA) Partner countries. In 2018, CTPAT saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in travel expenses as a result of MRAs.
  • CTPAT is preparing the Trade and CBP to counter modern supply chain threats – such as cyberattacks – through developing 3 new MSC categories (Cybersecurity, Agricultural Security, and Corporate Security Vision and Responsibility).

What are the Benefits of CTPAT?

Currently, CTPAT Security has over 11,500 members and CTPAT’s future Trade Compliance program has over 340 members. Starting in 2020, CTPAT will integrate their Security and Trade Compliance programs into one integrated program.

Security Benefits:

  • CTPAT Portal
  • Best practices
  • Front of the line
  • Penalty mitigation
  • Security validation
  • Reduced examination rates
  • Free and Secure Trade (FAST) Lanes
  • Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRAs)
  • Advanced Qualified Unlading Approval (AQUA Lane)
  • Assigned Supply Chain Security Specialist (SCSS)
  • Status Verification Interface (SVI) access
  • Marketability of CTPAT membership
  • Business resumption
  • Training seminars
  • SAFETY Act

Trade Compliance Benefits:

  • CTPAT Defender
  • Multiple business units
  • National Account Manager (NAM)
  • CTPAT Trade Compliance Portal*
  • ITRAC data access and automation
  • Removal from Focused Assessment Pool
  • Release of goods to premises for exam*
  • Exemption from random non-intrusive inspections (NIIs)*
  • Expedited rulings

*Benefit in development

Come back next month for details on the updates to Minimum Security Criteria and please reach out to our Customs Brokerage team at  for immediate assistance.

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