DSV: Forwarding Careers in New Countries

Nicklas and Matthias have taken their careers to new continents.

DSV: Forwarding Careers in New Countries

At DSV, we employ over 60,000 people in 90 countries around the world, providing great career opportunities for many. Two DSV employees decided to take up the challenge of overseas assignments to expand their careers alongside their worldviews.

Nicklas participated in a trainee program in our Clark, New Jersey office for 18 months, where he worked on specific trade lanes and cross-trade shipments. His DSV journey has now taken him to Belgium, where he works in the air freight office in Machelen in the Brussels Airport Cargo Center. 

Nicklas explains his learning objectives:

Now that I started here, I would like to understand the language. Otherwise, I am the kind of guy who wants to continue growing in this industry and at this amazing company. You can always be better at everything. 

Matthias, who moved from Belgium to Clark, always loved seeing planes in his childhood and wondered what they were carrying. He now works in an operational role as part of the Import Key Account group, which he knows will benefit him in the long run.

I believe my English will really improve by following this traineeship for 18 months in the United States. Another important advantage is that after this program, I will be able to better understand the operations and deliver more operational tasks. I really wanted to go on this adventure because I know it will boost my career.

While moving abroad is a big step, considering all the personal and cultural adjustments, it can also be a great learning experience and opportunity to forward your career. 

We wish both gentlemen an exciting and successful journey!

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