FMCSA Currently Accepting Comments Regarding HOS Proposal

FMCSA Currently Accepting Comments Regarding HOS Proposal

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On August 14 of this year, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) released a proposal for changes to its Hours of Service rules in order to give drivers more flexibility with their 30-minute rest break and time in a sleeper berth. 

The agency set a comment period with an original deadline of September 24th but has now extended that until October 10th in response to requests from several organizations. During the original comment period, the agency received more than 1,700 submissions. The subject areas that the FMCSA was asking for input on were shorthaul operations, 30-minute rest breaks, splitting rest breaks for drivers with sleeper-berths, and adverse driving conditions. 

From the FMCSA regarding the comment period extension:

The organizations requested various lengths of time for the extension ranging from 30 to 60 days, stating that the additional time was needed to enable them to prepare more comprehensive responses based on research and information that has only recently been released or is expected to be released at upcoming industry meetings.

We will continue to watch this story and update with new details. Contact your local DSV representative if you have any questions.

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