Fire at Thai Port Shows Importance of Hazardous Chemical Declarations

Fire at Thai Port Shows Importance of Hazardous Chemical Declarations

On May 25th, 2019, a fire broke out at Thailand’s Laem Chabang Port, causing the evacuation of workers and the closure of three piers. More than 130 people were taken to the hospital with complaints of irritation of the eyes, throat, and skin, but there were no major injuries, according to the Ministry of Public Health.

Initial checks by the authorities showed the blaze started in a load of cargo containing calcium hypochlorite, and the chemical was not declared to the shipper. Dangerous goods are subject to a comprehensive set of rules, and unintentional incidents may have serious consequences for the environment, animals, and humans. 

When dangerous chemicals are not properly declared, situations such as the one in Thailand have a higher chance of occurring. Calcium hypochlorite has been linked to many fires and explosions and alerting your shipper to the dangerous nature of your goods is imperative to keeping your goods and those handling them safe.

Knowing how to properly choose the correct carrier, equipment, and methods of shipping are critical. At DSV, the security and documentation in relation to the transport of dangerous goods has high priority. In order to prevent any accidents and to ensure observation of the current rules and regulations, DSV employs specially trained staff to handle the control of the transportation of these items.  

If you are searching for an experienced logistics provider to handle your hazardous goods, please reach out to DSV to get started today. 

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