USTR to Evaluate $11 Billion in Additional Duty for EU Goods

USTR to Evaluate $11 billion in Additional Duty for EU Goods

In the wake of the World Trade Organization’s Appellate Body ruling against the EU for failing to fully withdraw subsidized financing to Airbus, the United States Trade Representative (USTR) has given notice of a Section 301 investigation, hearing, and request for comments regarding additional duties on over 300 products from the European Union. The list of products can be found in the annex of the notice.

Aspects to be covered in the hearing are:

  • the specific products subject to increased duties, including whether products listed in the Annex should be retained or removed, or whether products not currently on the list should be added
  • the level of the increase, if any, in the rate of duty 
  • the appropriate aggregate level of trade to be covered by additional duties
  • whether increased duties on products might have an adverse effect upon U.S. stakeholders, including small businesses and consumers

Important dates:

Submission of request to appear at public hearing:  May 6, 2019
Hearing in Washington, D.C.: May 15, 2019 
Submission of written comments, including rebuttal comments: May 28, 2019

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