DSV Plays Easter Bunny, Delivers Solar Egg to Minneapolis

DSV recently delivered a giant egg—part sauna, part art piece—to snowy Minneapolis in hopes of sparking conversation about the world.

DSV Plays Easter Bunny, Delivers Solar Egg to Minneapolis

A 16-foot-tall, gold-mirrored egg seemed to magically appear outside of the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota last month. The “solar egg” is actually a sauna created by pair of Swedish artists, and it didn’t magically appear—DSV delivered it. 


The Easter Bunny is never late

The solar egg was scheduled to be delivered during the snowiest February in Minnesota history, as well as a time when Montreal, Canada, was experiencing extreme congestion. None of this was enough to throw DSV off-schedule, and just like the Easter Bunny every year, we delivered the egg right on time.

Minneapolis is the sauna’s seventh home, the first in the United States, and we will return it to Sweden later this month. For the egg to travel, its 69 geometric mirrors, wooden benches, and stove must be disassembled and then reassembled at its next site. 


Why a giant egg-shaped sauna?

The artists’ intent behind the solar egg was to gather a small group of strangers inside for a half-hour at a time, to sit in the 180-degree heat sans cell phones and have a conversation about the world around them. What an egg-cellent idea!



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