Updates on Imports During the Current U.S. Government Shutdown

While the current United States Government shutdown continues, imports are still processed. We are, however, faced with several issues.

Updates on Imports During the Current U.S. Government Shutdown

In an effort to keep our clients abreast of the situation, we have noted a few of the issues impacting U.S. Imports below:

  • The International Trade Commission (ITC) is furloughed and therefore updates to the Harmonized Tariff Schedule on its website won’t be updated until they return.
  • Section 301 exclusion implementation has been put on hold until after U.S Customs and Border Protection (U.S. CBP) returns from furlough.
  • ABI reps have been furloughed and questions are to be directed to the U.S. CBP Technology Services Desk.
  • U.S. CBP fines and penalties officers have not been furloughed.
  • Import Specialists at the Customs Centers of Excellence & Expertise are still at work.
  • January quota opening was not affected and continues to operate normally.
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is backlogged and rotating personnel to cover through the furlough.
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is continuing to operate but examinations could delay a shipment.
  • U.S. CBP refunds will not be processed until after the furlough.
  • Many government websites are unavailable until after the furlough.

DSV will continue to work through these issues for our clients. Stay tuned for any other important updates on the matter.