Port of the Month: Baltimore Awarded $2.4 Million from EPA to Promote Clean Air

DSV highlights one US port each month, shining a light on the important work they do. This month our focus is on the Port of Baltimore.

Port of the Month: Baltimore Awarded $2.4 Million from EPA to Promote Clean Air

As the ocean transport industry works toward being more environmentally-conscious, the Helen Delich Bentley Port of Baltimore received $2.4 million from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to repower marine engines and upgrade diesel dray trucks and other equipment used in the movement of cargo. The EPA funding is from a Diesel Emission Reduction Act grant and will reduce emissions at the port and surrounding areas.

Through the Clean Diesel and Dray Truck Replacement initiatives, the port has reduced the overall amount of air pollution by over 10,000 tons while continuing to grow. The new funding will go toward replacing 35 dray trucks, 30 pieces of equipment including forklifts and yard tractors, and repowering four marine engines. The results should include lifetime emission reduction of approximately 37 tons of particulate matter, 398 tons of nitrogen oxides, 165 tons of carbon monoxide, and 724 tons of carbon dioxide, while saving more than 64,000 tons of fuel.

The Maryland Department of the Environment thanks EPA for this smart investment in clean air around the port and across the Baltimore area. A green and thriving port contributes to a healthy Maryland economy while also continuing the clean air progress Maryland has made in recent years,

                          said Maryland Environment Secretary Ben Grumbles.

In 2018, the Port of Baltimore discussed environmental initiatives and development with maritime professionals around the world when they hosted the first North American GreenPort Congress Conference. The port has also been recognized for its renowned dredged material management program, which allows for sediment from channels leading to the port to be reused in wetland restoration and eroding islands. 

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