United States History

From Modest Beginnings to a Global Player 

With modest beginnings in the United States more than 35 years ago, DSV, has emerged as a premier international freight forwarder through a combination of organic growth and smart/strategic acquisitions.  

Nearly 40 years in the US

Incorporated as Dan Transport Corporation on May 8, 1980 with a single office in Elizabeth, New Jersey, DSV is now represented with over 560 employees and 35 strategically located offices in the United States.  Our worldwide network has also grown to over 80 countries on six continents.

In 1999 Dan Transport Corporate was purchased by the DFDS Transport Group to become the forwarding division of this major Danish Transportation provider. This increased the size of the global presence from about 1,200 forwarding specialists to approximately 3,200.  This increased our presence within Europe while we continued with organic growth throughout Asia.

In 2000, DFDS A/S divested itself of the forwarding division DFDS Transport and sold to DSV.  DFDS Transport continued under the DFDS Transport brand because it was a highly recognized brand throughout the Nordic and Northern European regions.

Mergers and Acquisitions 

In 2005, DFDS Transport acquired J.H. Bachmann, a highly reputable German forwarder, which solidified the DFDS Transport Network in Europe by adding Germany.  The acquisition also expanded our global coverage to Australia and South America with offices in Brazil.

In 2006, DFDS Transport merged with Frans Maas, the Dutch based forwarder expanding our in-network operations to 50 countries by adding our own offices in Italy, Spain, Portugal and completing the Eastern European region.  Organic growth also continued with the opening of offices in Turkey and India.  This latest merger practically doubled the size of the organization from 11,000 transport specialists to 19,000.

In 2007, the re-branding of the organization was brought from DFDS Transport to DSV.  DSV has operated under the name of DFDS Transport since the acquisition of DFDS Dan Transport A/S (2000). Over the years the company's names have caused some confusion, not least to shareholders. The company is referred to as DFDS Transport but shares have been traded on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange under the name of DSV. Therefore it has been decided that DSV will be the future name of the group's companies.

In 2008, DSV experienced growth through the acquisition of ABX LOGISTICS; while in 2013 DSV grew yet again with the acquisition of SBS.

Acquisition of UTi Worldwide makes DSV #5 Globally 

In 2016, DSV again experienced growth through the acquisition of UTi, creating our strongest transportation and logistics network to date.  This has allowed for growth of our own operations in to more than 80 countries; more than 1,000 branch offices, terminal and warehouse facilities; and positioning DSV as the 5th largest global freight forwarder - based on total revenue in 2014 (Source: Journal of Commerce, 15 April 2015, Transport Intelligence).

Specialization within Divisions

DSV maintains three distinct divisions that share one vision to provide exemplary transport and logistics services, which are second to none, to you our valued customer.  The three divisions are:

Air & Sea 

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