Wood Packing Material Update: Penalties Increase for Non-Compliance

As an update to a previous message, we are seeing a substantial increase in penalties to importers for non-compliant wood packing. We strongly suggest you utilize compliant packing materials such as plastic pallets when importing into the USA. Meanwhile, we outline the regulations below to assist you in planning future imports:

7 CFR Sec. 319.40-3 - Regulated Wood Packing Material (WPM) must be properly marked to indicate that it has been either heat treated or treated with methyl bromide.  There are three categories under WPM for this enforcement:

  1. Unmarked: WPM that is encountered by CBP during the course of inspection and found not bearing the required treatment and markings required under 7 CFR Sec. 319.40-3(b)(1) and CFR Sec. 319.40-3(b)(2).
  2. Inappropriately Marked: WPM that is encountered by CBP during the course of inspection and found to be inappropriately marked or illegibly marked is assumed to be untreated by either of the methods identified under 7 CFR Sec. 319.40-3(b)(1).
  3.  Infested: WPM that is infested with a named pest confirms that the WPM has not been treated in accordance with 7 CFR Sec. 319.40-3(b)(1). Named pests are live wood boring pests of the families Cerambycidae, Buprestidae, Siricidae, Cossidae, Curculionidae, Platypodidae, Sesiidae, or Scolytinae.

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