Women in Supply Chain - Journey to Success.

Supply Chain is a fast growing, male-dominated industry.  According to Fronetics, the number of women who work full-time in the industry is up 15% since 1979, yet only 5% of high level jobs in Fortune 500 Companies are held by women.

Two women who have found success in the field, Stacy Roth (Executive Sales Manager at DSV and founder of Women in Logistics) and Heather Gifford (Global Senior Logistics Program Manager at Uber), shared their work experience in the supply chain industry on the Let’s Talk Supply Chain Podcast

With over 20 years of supply chain experience, each day brings exciting new challenges for Stacy. Some of those challenges led her to create the Women in Logistics organization. Women in Logistics was founded in 1981 when Stacy discovered a lack of resources for women interested in building their careers in the Logistics and supply chain industry. 

The group, based in San Francisco, has now grown into a resource for both women and men searching for information about the industry, while also providing networking opportunities, professional development, annual scholarships, mentoring, and educational opportunities in the supply chain field.  

Stacy attributes much of her career success to the contacts and knowledge that she gained through Women in Logistics. Her career path provided opportunities to travel the globe and work with many different cultures, all while closing significant business deals for her employer.

Twenty years ago, it was almost impossible to find women in the management ranks in Logistics. Today we see women at varying professional levels, all the way up to senior leadership roles. At DSV, women hold positions as branch managers, country managers and sit on the board of directors. Even still, “there is always a room for improvement,” said Ms. Roth.

Stacy believes it is important to continue to educate yourself, improve your industry knowledge, and develop your professional skills in order to be successful. For career advancement, it is also crucial to find the right company and position where you can make a difference while developing your skills. “DSV is one of the companies that makes it work”, she said. 

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