U.S. Treasury Department Regulatory Agenda for Spring 2018.

The Treasury Department has published their schedule for the second quarter of 2018. It includes a breakdown of the status of each issue, i.e. pre-rule, proposed rule, and final.

A few of the new rules are of particular importance to the importing community. Proposed amendments include an update that would modernize and streamline the process for enforcing the rule against merchandise produced by forced labor, as well as an amendment to regulations pertaining to disclosure of information regarding merchandise bearing suspected counterfeit trademarks
In addition, several earlier proposals, which are expected to be acted on, are 1515-AE30, which will update the list of documents required to make entry of merchandise and 1515-AE23, which will add to the drawback laws.

It is suggested that interested parties review the agenda for rules that will affect their business.



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