US Road Update: The Driver Shortage

According to Driver Solutions, truck driving is one of the most popular jobs in twenty-nine states and employs more than 3.5 million drivers. 

One of the biggest issues the US trucking industry faces these days is the shortage of drivers.  It was estimated that by the end of 2017 the US trucking industry would have 50,000 less drivers than are needed. If this estimate is true, this could lead to reduced capacity for freight in all markets.  

The FleetOwner  mentioned in their publication that the ATA estimates the current driver shortage tops 35,000 driver candidates, with an additional 240,000 new truck drivers needed by 2023 to keep up with freight growth.

Several major issues could be contributing to the driver shortage such as regulations, demographics, and social situations. 


The Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate went into effect December 18, 2017 and it will reduce driving capacity.  Hours of Service for drivers will become standardized, accurately tracked and therefore, eliminate the manipulation of paper logs.  Estimates show that capacity will shrink by 3-5% based on the ELD mandate.


As with all industries, carriers’ driving staffs are also aging. Current drivers are aging and new drivers are not appearing to be joining the industry.  The average age of truck driver in the US is 49 years, according to the ATA. This number is expected to increase as less young people are trending toward over-the-road trucking as a career of choice.


"Lifestyle: When new to the industry, many drivers are assigned routes that put them on the road for extended periods of time before they return home, typically a week or two. Therefore, it is not just a career, but a lifestyle that does not fit with everyone’s desires or needs. Eventually, drivers that wish to can move into regional or local driving positions with tenure." ATA truck driver shortage analysis 2017 says.
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