New DSV facility built for modern pharmaceutical logistics

In July, DSV opens a new and modern facility in Ghent, Belgium. The facility has been designed and built to handle all the logistics and distribution challenges within the rapidly changing healthcare industry in Europe.

“The last couple of years, we have seen a rapidly changing healthcare market,” Nouzha Ouaamar, Global Business Development Director, Healthcare & Life Sciences, says and continues: 
“Our healthcare and pharmaceutical customers are navigating in a tumultuous industry; more finely divided customer segmentations, a quick flow of product launches and new types of distribution networks. At the DSV facility in Ghent, we meet the high demands from the ever-changing industry. Our trained employees support our customers and design their supply chain to be as effective and efficient as possible, while keeping the logistics costs under control.” 
The new facility opens in July and is a 10,500 m2 extension to the current distribution centre in Ghent, now measuring a total of 36,000 m2 dedicated to the healthcare segment. The extension was needed as the healthcare industry is a growing customer base for DSV in Belgium. 


The new location is fully temperature controlled securing that the cold chain of the sensitive products is never broken. The cold storage units and packaging setup are fully compliant with international regulations and requirement, including a GMP license to handle repackaging and labeling of healthcare products. 

A perfect location for DSV customers entering new markets
Ghent in Belgium is centered in the middle of Western Europe, a prime logistics location with many distribution advantages. Albert-Derk Bruin, Managing Director, DSV Solutions, Belgium and France, explains:
“The distribution center in Ghent is located close to the Ports of Ghent and Antwerp and Brussels International Airport creating a seamless distribution network throughout Belgium and the rest of Europe.
We offer our customers a strong local partnership in Belgium with a truly global outreach, as the DSV network covers more than 80 countries worldwide. This is of great value for our healthcare and pharmaceutical customers entering new global markets.” 

Where to find us: 
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