Important Information Related to Import To and Export From Brazil

According to Law 12,546, DSV Brazil is obliged to provide to the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service and the Ministry of Industry and Commerce information concerning transactions carried out with non-residents.

One of the mandatory pieces of information is filling in the Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), similar to VAT, together with registration number, unique tax identification code (CUIT = Clave Única de Identificación Tributaria) among others.
Since January 2018, in order to comply with the legislation and avoid fines, all documents accompanying exports and imports must include the mentioned information. 

Non-compliance will result in fines

The lack of the required information in our records will be subject to a fine (see below), which we will debit the exporting or importing countries:
III - Omitted, inaccurate or incomplete information.
a) 3% (not less than R $ 100.00) of the amount involved in the commercial or financial transactions of the legal entity or third-parties, in relation to which the entity has tax liability, in the case of omitted, inaccurate or incomplete information;

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