DSV Solutions Expands to Western Canada

DSV in Canada started in 2018 by opening a new logistics facility in Surrey, British Columbia near the Port City of Vancouver.

On January 3rd, the 19,900-sqm logistics facility opened for business, with the majority of space occupied by our anchor client Sephora, an e-commerce leader of beauty products in North America. Sephora has been a customer since 2012, and operationally DSV now holds approximately 21,800-sqm of Sephora’s beauty products in Canada. 



Jeremy Brown, VP of Finance, Supply Chain & Operations for Sephora Canada comments on our partnership: “The expansion to Western Canada dramatically improves the delivery service to our Canadian clients. DSV has been a trusted partner and we’re excited about this further engagement in Canada”.

Easily accessible to all transport modes.

In addition to improving the customer experience, this expansion allows DSV to open new market opportunities. The new facility is in close proximity to both a container port and international airport, allowing access to goods from all over the world. In addition, the U.S. border is only 3,5 km away, making for easy collaboration with neighboring countries.  

Rob Chanona, Managing Director for DSV Solutions in Canada, says about the new warehouse space: 
“It’s important to the growth of our business to be in strategic locations to allow our customers to better serve the Canadian market. This facility adds an important new component to our sales and marketing plan as we now offer Canadian customers a 2 DC model that efficiently serves both Eastern and Western Canada.” 

About DSV in Canada.

Through its acquisitions, DSV has over 25+ years of experience in the Canadian logistics market. Today Solutions has over 700 employees in 7 locations across Canada. With this latest addition in Western Canada, DSV Solutions now has 110,900 sqm of warehouse space.



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