CTPAT to be Updated

The Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) was started in 2001 as a public-private voluntary program to allow trade and Customs to work together to strengthen security around international trade. While the partnership continues to grow with 11,000 plus certified members, it is starting to show its age.

In order to continue to be effective, CTPAT Director Liz Schmelzinger has had her team move to a new framework that can be adapted to companies of various sizes. This framework will incorporate new technology and concepts to address the increasing challenges of the global supply chain, by updating "minimum security criteria” in these areas:

  • Cybersecurity issues: work towards securing systems from hacking and cyber-attack
  • Prevention of terrorism financing /money laundering: work towards preventing terrorist organizations from hacking into financial sources
  • Emphasis on policies and procedures & senior management buy-in: organizations culture and management philosophy regarding security and compliance
  • Personnel security: reducing internal threats to supply chain  
  • High security seals: customs has found out that security seals can be compromised and are working to further combat this
  • Business partner requirements: more emphasis on screening of business partners and vendors, especially risk analysis procedures
  • Best practices: senior management, buy-in, verifiable evidence, documented processes, systems and checks, innovative business practice, scalability being the leading point
  • Security measures: to counter agricultural pests and diseases 

A phased rollout of the new CTPAT framework is expected to start in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Additionally, U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) has created MindMap to help importers with their training. This guideline maps out which levels of employees need what type of training, and provides risk assessments for the training.  

Reach out to your local DSV office for assistance; we are pleased to be your partner in this effort. 

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