ELD Mandate

What is ELD?

ELD is a term used for Electronic Logging Device, which may also be recognized as part of the “Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century” bill recognized by the United States Congress in 2012. (aka: MAP-21).

This bill, which also outlined the criteria for highway funding, included a provision requiring the FMCSA to develop a rule mandating the use of electronic logging devices (ELD’s.) The rule went into effect on December 16, 2015; however, the mandate also stipulates all paper to be switched to an electronic device by December 18, 2017. While there will be enforcement, fines & penalties will not commence until April 2018.

How does an ELD device work?

An ELD device is an electronic which is synchronized with the vehicle’s engine control module (ECM) and is capable of recording a driver’s driving hours and duty status automatically.

That connection improves compliance with the HOS (Hours of service) rules and simplifies the overall recordkeeping process. To be considered an ELD, the device must meet specific technology requirements and be included on the FMCSA registration site.

These changes could affect our customers.

Drivers are permitted to be on duty on 14-hour intervals within an 11-hour driving window. The drivers are required to take a mandatory break at 8 hours of continuous driving. If the 14 hours have been reached, drivers must take a mandatory rest period of 10 hours once limits have been met. If a driver exceeds their limitations, and DSV cargo is on board – DSV will collaborate with our customers to ensure the highest level of service expectations are met.

You can learn more about the ELD Rule on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website here.


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