Collaboration between DSV Solutions in Grand Prairie, Texas and University of Texas at Dallas.

In October 2017, DSV Solutions in Grand Prairie, Texas hosted two groups of students from the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD).  It was the second time this a DSV Solutions team organized a workshop for Master’s in Supply Chain Management program students at this university.

One of DSV’s goals is to be a positive influence in the local community. The objective of the workshop was to complement the growth of future leadership in our industry as well as provide academic formation by sharing real life examples of some supply chain solutions DSV has developed for its customers.

These workshops were conducted in collaboration with Vanessa Johnson, DSV Training Manger, Joseph Van Wyk, DSV Director of Business Development, Brannon Rowlett, DSV Regional General Manager and Richard Dawkins, DSV Operations Manager. They actively participated in the workshop and shared their industry knowledge and experience with the UTD students. 

The workshop had two components. The first one was to give an overview about DSV as a global company, its mission, vision, values and organization into three operational divisions.  The second: a virtual tour of DSV’s warehouse in Venlo, Netherlands. During this visual representation, Joseph Van Wyk described DSV’s warehouse operations.

DSV Solutions is privileged to have a multi-client site in Dallas, which is how its employees were able to explain to the students the tailored solutions they have developed for their clients. Participants of the local warehouse tours had the opportunity to learn about multiple DSV’s operational concepts in a single visit.

The majority of the students who participated in those tours were from different countries. DSV’s global reach helped to increase awareness not only in the entire portfolio of DSV services, but also about the company’s capabilities to design and implement customer centric solutions among the future leaders in our industry. 

“During my professional life DSV gave me a lot of knowledge and experience and now I feel it is the right time in my career to start giving back and share my knowledge. I would like to contribute in the development of next generation of our industry leadership. 

Currently, I volunteer as a mentor for two graduate students in Supply Chain Management at the University of Texas at Dallas. As a part of mentoring, I identified an opportunity to expose my mentees to real life contract logistics operations, so they could learn about our planning, execution, control and continuous improvement culture and processes. Since we were going to offer this experience to them, we thought about expanding the number of students and universities that could benefit from this experience.

The workshops that we organized for the UTD students has been a team effort. Despite the fact that all of us have a very busy schedule, many DSV employees in Dallas have provided a great support in making this activity a reality.”

Joseph Van Wyk, DSV Solutions
Director of Business Development 




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