Going the Extra Mile

DSV streamlines freight, saving time and increasing profit.

In the spring, DSV approached one of its clients in order to assist with its shipping requirements. With a focus on air freshener merchandise, this new customer needed its time-sensitive products moved from the United States West Coast to Salt Lake City, Utah in a more economical way while maintaining expedited transit times to avoid hindering product quality.

DSV saw an opportunity where it could effectively and positively impact the clients supply chain.

The customer had previously used a shipping model of importing into the United States West Coast, trans-loading the product, then delivering to its final destination. This specific shipping strategy was proving costly.

Finding Common Ground


DSV found synergy between its clients’ needs and DSV’s existing streamlined – proven logistics in this region. This not only solved the issue for the customer, but benefited other customers involved as well.


DSV solidified relationships with multiple core carriers as well as local trucking companies and exporters to offer its client the intermodal transportation service it needed with creative logistics solutions provided by highly experiences industry staff.


Long Term Solutions


DSV was able to provide its customer with a unique, long term solution to its problem through partnerships with carriers and customers alike.

The client now enjoys expedited transit times at prices comparable to standard transit times. This has allowed the client to improve its inventory turns to help increase profit margin. 

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