Partnering for Positive Results

DSV Air & Sea Inc. is not only able to handle any and all freight and customs requirements, but can also play a valuable partner role to its clients.

DSV’s industry experts have years of experience in the freight business and can provide creative logistics solutions as consultants to its clients that prove real and measurable results. One of DSV’s clients saw the benefits of this consultative role.


We Partner with You


DSV is an incumbent service provider to the client; yet continued to find avenues to improve its services. Our customer was experiencing trouble within its supply chain.

Like many other exporters, traditionally, this particular customer had been using shipping term EXWORKS exclusively to ship its products. This preferred shipping term was ultimately giving the customer less control over its freight, allowing its customers to arrange for pickup at their own pace.


Brainstorming for Results

DSV’s client was essentially losing control of its freight. Its customers were not arranging for freight in a timely manner. This was leading to congestion at the clients dock and an ever increasing bottle neck. DSV had a solution.


With DSV playing a consultative role, the client launched an internal sales campaign which ultimately led to incentivizing product purchase.

DSV helped its customer brainstorm real solutions to its problems by utilizing various incoterms which would ultimately give the client more control over freight and reduce bottlenecks at its docks.


This strategy proved successful. During the trial shipment period of this new model, DSV’s client increased sales 58% over the previous year while revenue jumped 66%.


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