Oversized Project Cargo

We take the complexity out of oversized cargo

The logistical components surrounding the transportation of heavy and oversized project cargo can seem daunting, but DSV Air & Sea brings peace of mind to the table with its highly qualified staff and global reach. DSV used these valuable tools to assist our client  with its project cargo.

With many vendors operating with minimal staff, DSV used its 24/7/365 availability of dedicated personnel to make this shipment a success. The consignee has been a customer to DSV since 2009 and utilizes DSV for movements across all modes for numerous projects.

Our client was not surprised to find the submitted rates and transit times from DSV more competitive than other forwarders.  DSV was given the green light on the project, but had  limited time to make the scheduled flight to South America.

After the cargo was transported via truck to the designated airport, a dangerous goods company was tasked with completely draining the engine and inspecting the cargo while at the airport cargo facility to ensure the cargo was compliant for air travel.

The project leader requested to be present during the loading and unloading process, which the airline granted with special permission. In addition, DSV also negotiated with the airline to allow the cargo onboard the aircraft, although it measured one foot over length. This was critical in meeting the clients budget as it would have had to charter a flight at a much greater expense. The cargo was successfully loaded and transported to South America where it met its deadline at the final destination.

DSV utilized its close working relationship with multiple vendors to move this heavy project cargo within the agreed budget and transit time over a major national holiday. Our customer enjoyed full visibility over all aspects of this movement with continuous updates and excellent customer service.

About Wind Energy - DSV

DSV Projects is your exclusive partner providing the Wind Industry with tailor-made global transport and logistic solutions. With more than 20 years we have specialized in handling transports of wind turbine components. As a result of the ever growing focus on renewable energy this particular service has been a growing business for us over the last decade.


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