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The aerospace industry is more complex than standard point-to-point logistics. With industry specific knowledge and customer-focused support, DSV Air & Sea Inc. helped one of its customers streamline its supply chain in order to provide clear cut visibly to its processes.


DSV was approached by one of its longtime customers with the task of coordinating the transport of engines designated for repairs. This project required a customer-focused forwarder that could provide a unique service tailored to specific needs.


Prior to DSV coming onboard, each individual airline selected freight forwarding services. This left the customer with little control over cost, and no visibility into status of freight movements. Delivery delays could lead to lost slots, increased engine repair times, and extra spend in leasing or replacement engines.

DSV was able to tailor a solution to its customer that provides cost savings, efficient and transparent shipment status, and peace of mind through specialized support.


Why Choose DSV?

With DSV’s specialized industry staff and 24/7/365 availability of global control towers, DSV is a leading specialist for the aerospace market. DSV is an incumbent provider to multiple engine types and oversized cargo. Process planning, continuous improvement reviews, and performance and KPI reporting are just a few of DSV’s offered support functions. Global reach coupled with a highly experienced team of logistics specialists makes DSV a frontrunner in the field of aerospace project transport.

The DSV Solution


DSV placed engine specialist teams in multiple key countries. This ensures proper aircraft engine handling while providing real-time updates and hands-on expert support. By providing a focused A to Z solution, DSV improved upon the customers on-time delivery, which is critical in the aerospace industry.


DSV helped its customer gain instant transparency over the movement of its engines through continuous communication and live updates.


Now, DSV handles over 600 routine engine maintenance moves annually for the customer as well as critical AOG services between 15 airlines, 12 countries, and 6 repair shops. Inland transport is also coordinated by DSV’s capable staff.



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