Expedited Service

When time is of the essence, DSV uses expedited processes along with its highly capable staff to deliver your cargo to the right place at the right time.

In November 2013, an Aerospace customer approached DSV to assist with exporting one of its new and fully built air cargo containers to three different cities in Asia for various tradeshows held at local hotels. DSV was also tasked with clearing the cargo with customs and handling all associated inland trucking.

If the container was not delivered to the destinations on-time, the client would have nothing to display at the tradeshow, which would almost certainly lead to a loss in potential business contracts.

DSV was in a race against time to deliver the cargo and had just 48 hours to clear it with customs. After expediting the customs clearance process to meet the tight deadline, DSV worked closely with the local hotel in Asia to properly move the container in and out of the tradeshow without damage.

Over the course of just eight days, DSV moved the container to all designated cities in Asia, on-time and under budget. The customer was quite pleased with DSV’s continued communication throughout the entire process.

Our client was awarded with additional contracts based on the fact that potential customers attending the tradeshows could touch and see its cargo container, firsthand, rather than simply displaying a model, like many of its competitors.

DSV Projects guarantees professional handling, careful planning, engineering, coordination and supervision to ensure safe transportation.

DSV directly monitors projects while providing maximum care, safety and security in handling sensitive cargo.

Customer  Quote:

“DSV Charleston performed as exactly as they said they would, which in turn, helped us obtain additional Asia business and did it all within our budget - thanks again and great job! “



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