The safety of everyone involved in our operations and our surrounding environment is our main concern when conducting business. We recognize that the establishment and continuous improvement of a safe and healthy workplace is integral to business success.

When designing safety measures, we strive to surpass all federal and state regulations that directly concern company facilities and operations.

DSV is committed to:

  • Promoting social and emotional wellbeing through workplace practices and policy and increasing worker knowledge and awareness around key health topics.
  • Protecting the safety and health of all employees, contractors, members of the public, and our environment.
  • Taking every reasonable precaution to eliminate work-related illnesses and injuries. Our goal is a zero-injury workplace.

Employee Safety 

DSV has nine formal strategic pillars that form our integrated health and safety management system. Each pillar has specific policies, procedures, and tasks that must be adhered to.

  • DSV Corporate Safety Policy
  • Management of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses
  • Emergency Planning
  • Safety Training
  • Safety Auditing
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Accident Reporting and Investigation
  • Powered Industrial Truck Safety
  • Safety Initiatives 

We understand that people are the most critical element in the success of our safety program and maintaining a safe workplace is the responsibility of each employee. Our safety programs are designed to be in compliance with existing local, state, and federal regulations. Management responsibility is complemented by employee engagement at every level of the organization.  

Safety Communication and Training

DSV provides safety and health communications in various formats, including verbal instructions, written policies and procedures, safety team meetings, multimedia presentations, and industry expert-led supplemental training. All employees have access to the required safety and health training, policies, and programs, as well as federal or state required communications, and are expected to actively participate.

We understand that the success of any safety program depends on the engagement of our employees and positive interactions with colleagues and managers, so our employees are involved in:

  • New hire safety orientation
  • Safety and OSHA training
  • Daily safety moments and pre-shift meetings
  • Incident investigations
  • Safety inspections
  • Safety and wellness team membership and initiatives
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSAs)
  • Monthly corporate safety conference calls
  • Monthly safety reports
  • Site-specific safety incentives  

Behavioral-based Safety

DSV has implemented behavioral-based safety observations at all sites, conducted by associates and management. These peer-to-peer interactions help create a lasting and impactful safety culture by making it a conscious part of every associate’s day. 

The observer focuses specifically on safe and at-risk safety behaviors, and then shares those observations with the associate who was observed. 

Leadership reviews the lessons learned from safety incident investigations and near-misses to encourage transparency and improvement.

Incident Management and Communication

DSV requires reporting and investigation of any occupational injury or illness and work conditions that caused or could cause injury, illness, or property damage. The investigation and reports are mandatory to:

  • Learn the cause of the accident to prevent similar in the future.
  • Determine if any deviation resulted in the accident.
  • Educate employees and supervisors about a hazard and to direct attention to accident prevention.
  • Ensure all regulatory reports and records are sufficient.

When a safety incident occurs, an investigation is led by the safety team and reviewed by the Corporate Safety Director.

Safety Performance

As a result of the emphasis we have placed on eliminating hazards through risk identification, assessment, control, and monitoring, we have seen a reduction of serious incidents and injuries and lower injury frequency and experience modification rates over the past few years.

Our total recordable incident rate and experience modification rates are available upon request.

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