DSV Partners with National Chain Store on Distribution of Non-Sales Inventory

Customer Case - Distribution of Store Fixtures


When we walk into a very large retail store, we focus on products for sale on shelves and the selling floor. But did you ever wonder how the racking, cash registers, service desks, signage and other non-sales inventory got there?  Since 2006, DSV has managed this critical component of the supply chain for a major home improvement store chain.  From a 500,000 sq. ft. dedicated distribution center in Indiana, we manage a sequence of precisely timed shipments to over 2,000 stores, making sure that everything is in place – from shopping carts to point-of-purchase displays – to maximize store sales.


Precise planning.  Each year, the retailer plans an aggressive schedule of store remodels and upgrades, new stores openings, and special product promotions. All are timed events where delivery of equipment, supplies and signage must sync with the scheduled presence of local staff and contractors. DSV works with the retailer to carefully coordinate this schedule. 

Custom packaging. DSV engineering staff design custom packaging to minimize in-transit damage and maximize trailer cube. For equipment that must be assembled on site, labels are used on individual parts to speed the assembly process.  

Department-level packaging. Products are sorted, packed and labeled by department to make the store receiving process faster and easier.  

Close collaboration. Supply chain leaders at the retailer and DSV work closely on both strategic and tactical planning. The retailer has a site manager at the DC. Some DSV associates work at the retailer’s headquarters as part of the corporate supply chain team. This group includes engineers who advise on technical aspects of store design, such as racking weight tolerances. 

Quality management to drive continuous improvement. DSV Sigma, DSV’s global methodology for continuous improvement, ensures that daily work processes at the DC are “waste-free,” eliminating excess time and cost.  


Our unique business requirements are very much project based relying on great coordination, flexibility and accuracy to support two thousand stores. DSV has been servicing our company for several years and I could not be more satisfied with their efficiency, communication, flexibility and accuracy. You won’t find a more dedicated group!                                                                            



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