Retail Compliance

What is retail compliance?

Retail compliance, also known as vendor compliance, is a process to ensure vendors adhere to the specific rules and regulations set by a retailer. The regulations can be anything from where labels are placed on boxes to specific delivery dates and times.

Although there are retail industry standards in place for everything from barcode formats and labeling to palletizing and completing shipping documents (GS1, VICS, etc.), it is important to recognize that each retailer has its own standards for vendors to adhere to. These standards mitigate costs and customize each retailer’s sales and distribution process. 

How does retail compliance affect my logistics operations?

Not adhering to the strict compliance regulations of each retailer can cost you money. Fees can come from chargebacks (non-compliance expense offsets). Vendors are required to know the retailer’s rules and guidelines from start to finish to avoid what can become very hefty costs.

Retailers also keep vendor performance scorecards, so not complying to their regulations can ultimately sever your relationship with the retailer. The rules can change frequently, so we have a team who monitors those changes on a daily basis.

At DSV, we understand the importance of complying to the retailers’ guidelines. We track all requirements daily and build custom tailored solutions so you meet all the retailers’ requirements while staying within your logistics budget.

Key components of the DSV Retail Compliance Program:

  • Daily monitoring and managing of retailers’ Vendor Compliance and Routing Guides
  • DSV Retail Compliance Database available to all DSV members for the latest retailer specific SOPs for each facility and operations
  • DSV Retail Compliance Manager to help manage and communicate retailers’ initiatives and new requirements to DSV team members 
  • Active participation in key retail compliance organizations like RVCF (Retail Value Chain Federation) and GS1 to remain up-to-date on the CPG and Retail industry
  • Strong understanding of non-compliance chargebacks and resources to help clients in disputes and streamline processes 
  • Collaborative discussions on Retailers’ Vendor Performance Scorecards (e.g., Walmart’s OTIF, Kohl’s Vendor Scorecard, Amazon Performance Scorecard, etc.)  
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