Value Added Services

We offer a wide variety of Value Added Services. The activities are performed deploying experienced teams and rigorous processes.

The range of flexible value added services performed by DSV Solutions include: 

Assembly & Kitting

Our kitting and assembly services are a comprehensive process that saves you time and money. We put together multiple components creating a new product based upon your bill of material. We manage this process offering full visibility on the serial, batch or lot numbers involved.


Proper functioning of your products, based on your company’s standards can be tested in many ways, such as connection checks, functionality run-throughs, measurements and error reporting.

Packaging & Repackaging

Depending on your requirements, we can replace packaging of products. For example, repackaging of damaged boxes, packing into new outer cartons or display cartons and management of country-specific, customer-specific and language-specific packaging.


From printers and computers, to mobile telephones, to internet routers and TV sets we can configure hardware according to customer and/or country-specific requirements.


Custom label requirements are no problem for DSV. We can label products with customer-specific information, including logos and barcodes.


Many returned products require special attention before resale. We handle your customer returns and perform a wide range of repair works and product reconfiguration tasks. Our warehouse management system (WMS) is able to control and categorize various classes of product quality per SKU.

Quality Inspection

Our experienced quality assurance team perform visual checks as well as manual inspection to detect any manufacturing errors, i.e. we examine whether products meet agreed standards.

Cargo Insurance

To protect your goods while they are in transit, we provide cargo insurance through our own insurance company as your best protection against financial loss, lengthy claims handling and legal disputes.

DSV Protect

DSV Protect comes in when unexpected happens. Protect will automatically cover what your existing insurer deducts.

Warehouse Management
Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management Systems allow you to track products throughout the entire storage and distribution process.

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