Glossary of Terms

Below is a comprehensive Glossary of Terms for Export Controls:

BIS    Bureau of Industry and Security  
CCL    Commerce Control List 
CFR    Code of Federal Regulations 
DOC    Department of Commerce 
DPL    Denied Persons List 
DTC    Office of Defense Trade Controls 
EAR    Export Administration Regulation 
ECCN    Export Control Classification Number 
ECS    Export Compliance Supervisor 
ECM    Export Compliance Manager 
FTR    Federal Trade Regulations 
ITAR    International Traffic Asset Control 
OFAC    Office of Foreign Asset Control 
SDN    Specially Designated Nationals 

Deemed Export
Technology or software released to a foreign national. In this definition it also includes knowledge. Deemed exports are subject to the EAR.

De minimis Shipment
Foreign made products manufactured with a percentage of US parts, technology or software.

Dual Use
Items that are covered by the EAR as well as covered by the regulations of certain other Government Departments and agencies with export licensing responsibilities.

includes commodities, software and technology.

Means the actual shipment or transmission of items subject to the EAR from one country to another foreign country or release of technology or software subject to the EAR to a foreign national outside of the United States. (15 CFR 734.2(b)(4)) 

Exports of software are not subject to the EAR if it is available for general distribution either for free or at a price that does not exceed the cost of reproduction and distribution (15 CFR 734.7(b)) 

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