DSV is a Customs Trade Partner Against Terrorism. (C-TPAT), something we take very seriously.

What is the goal of C-TPAT? 

Shortly following September 11, 2001 US Customs implemented a participation program known as C-TPAT.

The goal is to create an environment which continuously certifies, maintains and evaluates the security / supply chain within a given company. The benefit of this is obvious in regards to security in our transportation industry.

Added benefits can come with expedited release of cargo, and/or a reduced number of examinations, which may be directly linked to a company’s C-TPAT documentation. The principal goal of a validation for Customs is to ensure that the company’s C-TPAT security profile is reliable, accurate, and effective.

DSV is a partner in this co-operation. 
SVI#: dfdCar128099

For further support or information, please contact our Director of Compliance at (Kenneth Witkowski)

If you would like more information on CTPAT and its benefits, click here.

Would you like to apply for CTPAT, click here.

CTPAT application FAQ, here.

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