You Spoke, We Listened: DSV Collects Valuable Advice from Clients

Customer feedback is essential to our process at DSV. We listen to what our customers are saying about their experiences and do our best to adjust and improve processes.

You Spoke, We Listened: DSV Collects Valuable Advice from Clients

One avenue of gathering feedback is our Customer Success Program. Through this program, we ask some of our customers to respond to a short survey, and the answers are gathered into usable data. This data makes up our Net Promoter Score (NPS), a significant indicator of the quality of a company’s customer relationships.

While our NPS score is one of the highest around the world, and overall our customers were happy with our communication and their experience, many noted that they would like to see more innovative and flexible booking solutions offered. 

Enter myDSV – shipping made easy. 

myDSV is a cloud-based, self-service platform that offers our customers an easy way to utilize our online services. With this new option, you are able to access one customizable interface, allowing you to book, track, and receive a high level of data transparency. 

Visit the links to learn more and contact your local representative to get starting using myDSV.  

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