Gasoline Shortage in Mexico as Government Cracks Down on Fuel Theft

Gasoline Shortage in Mexico as Government Cracks Down on Fuel Theft.

Long lines at gas stations in western Mexico continue this week as the Federal government restricts supply through its oil pipelines in order to combat the drilling of illegal fuel taps.

President López Obrador said that the theft of petroleum has caused a loss of $3 billion per year and the organization responsible is so complex that an alternative, clandestine, and illegal distribution network has been established.

Pemex, the country’s national oil company, said that as part of the plan to combat the fuel theft, modifications were applied to gasoline transport, causing delays in logistics. 

The fuel shortage is currently causing some interruptions in the delivery and distribution of land cargo. We are currently and until further notice facing the following situations:

  • Delays for pickups and deliveries
  • Impacts on the availability of trucks for local and long-distance movements
  • Inland carrier availability is at a minimum and prices have been increased due to high demand
  • Some inland carriers are rejecting transports with an origin or final destination in the affected areas (central and western parts of the country)

DSV continues to work through the situation however possible. For more information, contact your local representative.

Source: Washington Post

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