Are you interested in more eco-friendly cold chain options?

A new environmentally friendly refrigerated container will be available for lease later this year. The new containers are chilled with NaturaLINE, a system that uses repurposed carbon dioxide (CO2).

Are you interested in more eco-friendly cold chain options?

It is the first of its kind on the reefer market, and solves the problem of how to use refrigerants effectively and efficiently to transport pharmaceuticals and perishable food. The repurposed CO2 has the lowest global warming potential (GWP) of all container refrigerants currently used.

Higher availability of eco-friendly options is a positive step for the transportation industry, and the repurposed CO2 allows for new capabilities with pharmaceuticals and other high-value commodities. Previously, to achieve the desired minus 40 degrees Celsius, a refrigerant was used with a GWP that is almost 4,000 times higher than repurposed CO2. The system also runs with low noise and provides more options for temperature control.

DSV is always searching for more options for our pharmaceutical customers and ways to improve upon our industry best practices. We welcome your comments on what struggles you are experiencing in your pharma supply chain and what we can do to make it run more smoothly. Please reach out to with any suggestions or concerns.

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