DSV Moves 2013

Corporate magazine moves, October 2013


  • DSV Solutions Goes West
  • Improved cargo tracking
  • Faultless logistics ensures top performance for Volvo
  • Keeping Russia rolling
  • Better managers generate better results!
  • Arctic research equipment for the North Pole


  • Best in the world at wind turbines
  • DSV on the rise in Latin America
  • From nothing to profit in less than a year
  • New offices in Colombia
  • Facebook is cool!

DSV moves april 2013


  • Wow! One of the biggest state-of-the-art logistics centres in Europe
  • Ready for E-commerce
  • Following freight for 25 years
  • A strong and tasty combination
  • DSV receives GM supplier award
  • Discover Europe with DSV Short Sea

DSV Moves February 2013


  • Ready, set, go! for DSV Daily Pallet
  • The world's largest logistics assignment
  • The Antonov took in six helicopters
  • My life as long-haul driver
  • Who owns DSV?

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